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The WRDGA Cancelation Policy: You may cancel your registration up to 14 days prior for a full refund, less the Golf Genius (GG) sign-up fee of $5.  If you cancel one week prior, you will receive a 50% refund, again less the GG sign-up fee of $10. No refunds will be given after that.   Extraordinary exceptions due to medical and personal issues will be reviewed by the Committee for consideration of partial refund where allowed.  Weather, change of plans, not liking your pairing, etc. are not reasons of merit to cancel within the last week to receive a refund.      It is so much more work than you probably realize to just “re-flight” because your new partner is a 20 and your old one was a 5.  IF you can find a sub that is of equal or higher handicap, they can sub within that week.  That means if your original partner was a 12 and your new partner is a 21, they will still only receive 12 strokes.  You cannot sub a lower index player, no exceptions. Please understand how difficult it is when people cancel. It changes the entire set up. The tee sheet, cart signs, the flights and pay outs all must be redone. It creates a lot of frustration and additional work for our team. Please do your best to always play in an event that you signed up for and cancel as soon as possible, if you change your mind.

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