Women's Rochester District Golf Association
Teen Volunteers


The purpose of the WRDGA is to represent, promote, and serve the best interest of amateur golf as embodied in its traditions. Our objectives are to further the advancement of golf, to recognize and develop skilled amateur female golfers, and to promote good sportsmanship and friendly competition. 

The control and management of the WRDGA and its activities are entrusted to the Officers, whose policies are implemented by the WRDGA staff. Officers and staff committees are elected every two years. All member clubs are represented by club representatives and are entrusted to act as the voice of their clubs to the WRDGA as well as the voice of the WRDGA to their clubs and may bring any ideas, suggestions for changes, questions or comments to the Annual Spring Meeting for discussion and possible considerations. 

Golfers who belong to the Women's Association of WRDGA member club and who obtain an individual membership in the WRDGA are eligible to play in all WRDGA scheduled events. Players please note: individuals wishing to

establish and maintain a handicap must do so through a member club. 

WRDGA Constitution