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Next on the Tee ...

The WRDGA Championship Qualifier was contested at Oak Hill Country Club on Tuesday July 22. 

With the Wednesday morning matches completed only 8 players remained. Jenna Hoecker and Kristen Powers, Christy Schultz (Rittenhouse) and Sara Eichelberger, along with Gabriela Sacheli and Maggie Krill, as well as Alex Battle and Patty Reidel refueled and prepared to play the afternoon Quarter Final matches.

In the meantime, weather warnings were posted, the air cooled and the rain blanketed the coarse. The skies cleared long enough to get all of them off the tee. It wasn't long before there were a few sprinkles, followed by wind and heavier rain. Four very talented young ladies secured a victory and endured Mother Nature's Wrath - Jenna, Sara, Gabriela and Alex.

The Semifinal Matches are scheduled for Thursday July 24. The first match is scheduled at 7:30, featuring Jenna Hoecker and Sara Eichelberger . At 7:38 Gabriela Sacheli will take on Alex Battle. Come out and watch tomorrow - bring your rain jacket just in case.

The Match Play Tree Bracket for the remaining matches has also been posted

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