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Hurray !! Spring has finally arrived.

We have 25 new or returning WRDGA members this year.  Please welcome them as you see them at our events this year.

This year we are introducing a process to recognize season long performance with awards given at the end of the year.
There will be low gross and low net awards in each of four handicap index categories.  Here is how it will work:
Three scores from the season for each person will be used to determine low gross and low net in each index category.
The following event scores will be used:  June Medal Play at Caledonia, 2-Gal at Hickory Ridge, Mixed at Cobblestone, July Medal Play at Genesee Valley, Championship Qualifier at Stafford (as long a no cuts are made in the field of 54), and the August Medal Play at CenterPointe.

The index categories are:

  • 10 and under
  • 11 - 15
  • 16 - 20
  • 21 and over

Your index to start the season will determine your category for the season.
Winners will be announced at the Pro-Ladies event in September.

Another new initiative this year is a closer collaboration with the RDGA. In addition to communicating to you about the RDGA events open to women and soliciting volunteers to assist with Junior events, we are opening up one of our Medal Play events to all RDGA women golfers.

The August Medal Pay at CenterPointe will be the WRDGA Invitational.  Registration will open for RDGA women golfers on June 15, giving us, WRDGA members, first priority for signing up for the event.  In addition, non-WRDGA members will be charged an additional $10.00 to cover the cost of prize money we pay as part of our dues.

Our first event of the season is the Scramble at Livingston CC on May 17.  You have until May 10 to sign up for it.  Remember it is a "make your own foursome".  If you need playing partners let us know.

As always, feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

Cathy Ambler ~ President

USGA Golf Management Mobile App

Have a smartphone? Download the Golf Genius Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones for live scoring and leaderboards!

To have access to all information, golfers must either be registered for the event on Golf Genius and sign in with a username and password, or sign in with the Golf Genius Event ID (GGID)  provided by the WRDGA. 

We will be using this app to implement LIVE scoring. Therefore we are asking each member to download the mobile app on their phone.
The Event Portal is a great tool that allows event participants to access information about the event anytime, anywhere. View tee sheets, contact fellow golfers, view results, analyze personal statistics, and more!

New Year - New Tournament Management System - New Lingo

Out with the Tournament Pairing Program (aka TPP) and in with Golf Genius (aka GG).

What is a Golf Genius Id used for ? Each event created in Golf Genius has a unique id associated with it along with it's own portal.

What's a portal?  A portal is a private website where players can go to view information about an event like tee sheets, results, registration forms, statistics, photos, and much more.
Each event has its own dedicated portal which contains various web pages used to display information /data about the event.

For example, the 2018 WRDGA Test Event ==>Golf Genius Event Id is WRDGATEST. The event GGID can be used to log in to the event portal and access private pages such as pairings, results, photos, event info (location, date, time, etc).

Do you want to play in a Team Event but don't have a partner ?

Send an email to the WRDGA we will keep a list and try to match up singles.